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I finally gave in. The buzz was out there. And as it turned out, I was ready. I’m talking about beginning my binge this weekend on the Netflix sensation, “House of Cards.” I’d been hearing great things about it on the radio and in the
One of our clients had a tough year. The decline in oil prices hit this private company hard, and the president was charged with passing on some tough year-end compensation numbers at the annual shareholders meeting. Our DDCC team was asked to create a presentation
Yes, the Fourth of July has long past and the joy of a brilliant firework show is a distant memory. Yet for me, this past July 4th celebration will always hold an extra special place in my head and my heart. While out on Big Bear Lake in
DDCC’s creative team has the pleasure of meeting with potential new clients each week. They hear about us from other clients who have been pleased with our work before; or sometimes they are coming back to us after we helped them in another firm in
There’s a quote by the great American writer John Steinbeck that always makes me smile: “Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” And if you know the DDCC team, you know