Ruth Drizen-Dohs

Speech Coach

Word of mouth is a powerful force, in more ways than one.

That’s how things began for Ruth Drizen-Dohs.

As the CEO of DDCC, Inc., a uniquely vertical communications studio, Ruth began fielding requests from large corporate clients to coach their presidents and CEOs. Her first assignment was 20 plus years ago for a newly appointed president who was giving his first “state-of-the-company” address to 5,000 franchisees. The audience’s impression would be critical to this new leader’s success. Would the franchisees perceive him as a leader to enthusiastically follow; a beacon of light to keep them engaged through tough times of change?

The answer—with Ruth as his personal speech coach and speech editor—was a resounding yes.

And so the word of mouth about Ruth’s speech coaching expertise began.

From the real estate industry to health care; from automotive to entertainment, sports, education and much more; requests came in for Ruth to perform her magic. And perform she did; along with her select C-level clients from around the world. Whether they were eager to exemplify leadership, compassion, connection, vision or confidence, these executives relied on Ruth to make it happen….for employees, customers, franchisees, sales forces or corporate boards.

Over the years, Ruth has developed a clear and inspiring approach to create the perception from your audience you desire. It’s all about making the right moves and presenting the right message. With Ruth in the speech-coaching arena with you, there is no telling how inspired your audiences can—and will—be.