My heart is full.

It’s a good thing, since it’s February; the month that celebrates the heart.

I have a good friend and client who ponders the question of why we have all deemed the heart the center of our emotions. After all, he says, it’s simply a beating organ.

At some point in our history, right or wrong, the heart has taken on the burden of being home to our most personal emotions. A text message of “I love you” is often accompanied by a heart. The confession of “I don’t have hate in my heart” is followed by admiration. And uttering “My heart is yours” is about the sweetest thing we can ever say. Even a faster heartbeat is associated with falling in love.

So yes, my heart is full this February.

It’s full of gratitude for my health, my family, our DDCC clients and our team. It’s full, knowing that just because all of us at DDCC are prideful, we understand that we must always challenge ourselves to be better. We owe that challenge to ourselves and to our clients.

In our personal lives, being content and satisfied with our good intentions and family blessings is enough to hope for; in our business lives it has the opposite effect.

In our own business, and for our many clients large and small, we understand that stretching the limits with creativity and engineered approaches is a necessary commodity. It’s an absolute if we are in the business to help clients gain strength and grow. No one formula makes that happen; our clients deserve our “out of the box” approach for each scope every time.

That often means our team must step out of our comfort zones to climb to new heights. In fact, it’s inherent in DDCCs culture; good enough never is.

With thousands of projects under our belts, we know creating high-impact and emotional inspiration for customers and employees is a moving target. That’s why we have the confidence to encourage our clients to trust us and to challenge them to try new things that exactly match their needs.

Providing fresh design and web content to keep sites current, for example, is key to everything from SEO to establishing interest and credibility.

A well-thought-out social media plan capitalizes on projects where we are already involved.

Or adding peripheral lively content and current design to online and/or print newsletters builds relationships and cultures, plus increases readership.

There’s nothing emotional about it…great talent and ultimate effort—combined with extensive experience and the courage to innovate—net great results.

And that can make any client’s heart beat faster any time.

Ruth Drizen-Dohs

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