Ruth Drizen-Dohs
Lovin’ What I Do With All of You How do you know you love what you do? Travel to Australia on the best trip of your life…and see if you find yourself brainstorming ideas for client projects and company improvements. There I was, watching sunsets,
8 Jan 2018
A NIGHT TO REMEMBER Sometimes you just gotta zig when your plan says zag. I had a cool blog ready to blast out—all about the importance of having fresh content on your website. Then last night happened. Bam! Blog interrupted. Yesterday morning, just before heading
Not so long ago, I adopted a policy of trying to speak in my day-to-day business life the same way all of us at DDCC try to write: tight, crisp and concise. I vowed to embrace the silent pauses in my own prose, instead of
  I always say, “People don’t do business with companies; they do business with people.” Sometimes we get so caught up thinking of companies as entities; instead of a group of individual people with their own frailties, families and personal lives. Here at DDCC, we
7 Jun 2017
Ahhhh, the joys of freedom; my freedom. Raising two amazing sons was the joy of my life. In fact, I tell my boys that I was truly born when they were born. And that’s the truth. Late evenings overseeing homework; rising and shining early in
My heart is full. It’s a good thing, since it’s February; the month that celebrates the heart. I have a good friend and client who ponders the question of why we have all deemed the heart the center of our emotions. After all, he says,